Still time to take part in LDP consultation

132 days ago

What will Carmarthenshire look like in 2033? There’s a fortnight left to answer a questionnaire about the future of planning in our county.

A revised Local Development Plan is being prepared for Carmarthenshire.

This is the scheme that will be used as the basis for determining planning applications until the year 2033. It will be ready by 2021.

Carmarthenshire County Council is now discussing the key issues, vision and strategic objectives of the plan.

As part of the consultation, a questionnaire has been on-line since last month. It closes on August 10, 2018.

"If you haven’t done so already, I kindly urge you to go online now to respond," said Cllr Alun Lenny, Planning Committee Chair.

"It's simple to fill and open to everyone to respond – businesses, stakeholders, the third sector and the general public.

"The Local Development Plan will have a huge impact on what Carmarthenshire will be like by the year 2033 in terms of housing, industry, environment, language and culture. This is important for every individual and community throughout the county.

"The timetable set by the Welsh Government is tight. But the County Council wants to use what time we have to consult as widely as possible. This is an opportunity for you to have your say. Please make the most of it - for the future of our county and our people."

Although the questionnaire closes on August 10, the closing date to submit Candidate Sites for inclusion in the LDP has been extended to August 29, 2018.