Enforcement Officers tackle litter issues

378 days ago

Fines totalling £700 have been handed out for littering offences in Carmarthenshire during September.

Carmarthenshire County Council’s enforcement officers have been following up reports from the public and catching some people in the act, both littering and failing to clear up after their dogs.

The Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) issued in September were:

  • £100 FPN issued to a resident of Bury Street, Llanelli, for leaving black bags out during blue bag week despite previous warnings
  • 2 x £100 FPNs issued to two males for failing to clean up after their dogs
  • £100 FPN issued to a female for failing to comply with a dog ban at Havelock Park, Havelock Street, Llanelli
  • £75 FPN issued to a male for leaving a cardboard box on the floor next to recycling bins at Dylan Recycling Centre, Llwynhendy
  • £75 FPN issued to a male caught dropping a cigarette butt in Carmarthen Town Centre
  • £75 FPN issued to a Carway resident for depositing a carrier bag of household waste on the floor at Carway recycling site
  • £75 FPN issued to a female for depositing boxes on the floor at St Clears recycling centre

In addition, four FPNs were issued to people dropping cigarette butts in Ammanford Town Centre during the Ammanford day of action -  three were to females and one to a male.