Recovery and support for flood-hit areas has gone well

228 days ago

The majority of items and property damaged in the recent floods has now been cleared, and residents are beginning to re-build their homes and businesses.

Carmarthenshire County Council has thanked residents and businesses for their feedback and gratitude following a full-scale recovery operation following the floods.

Teams of officers and crews have been supporting communities for the past two weeks, helping them to clear damaged property and access financial and practical assistance in the aftermath of the floods.

It is believed that the majority of damaged items from households has now been removed, so crews will no longer visit affected areas routinely other than for scheduled weekly bin collections.

However, anyone who needs assistance can still ask the council for any support they need, and can still book bulky waste collections through the council’s normal chargeable service.

It is thought around 160 homes and 70 businesses were affected by the worst floods to have hit Carmarthenshire for over 30 years.

The council’s Hwb Bach Y Wlad mobile customer service has been visiting villages with teams of officers from various departments offering support and advice to residents and businesses.

Council Leader, Cllr Emlyn Dole, and Chief executive Mark James, have also visited many of the communities to offer the council’s support personally.

Many people have told the council how grateful they have been for the support, which has included assistance to access a £100,000 hardship relief fund, a furniture and white goods appeal with Xcel Furniture, and clearance and disposal of damaged household items.

 “During these visits we have seen first-hand just how much damage has been done, and how much these floods have affected many people’s lives,” said Cllr Dole.

“We are proud at how quickly our staff were able to support these people, and have been pleased to hear from so many people just how much they appreciate the efforts our teams have made.

“Although we are scaling back in terms of the clearance visits, as the majority of damaged items have now been removed, we know that there is much work still to be done and we are happy to continue our support for as long as is needed.”