Grab it, bag it and bin it message to dog owners

238 days ago

Dog owners are being reminded to grab, bag and bin dog poo when visiting Pembrey Country Park.

It comes after enforcement officers recently issued a huge £1,225 in Fixed Penalty Notices in just four weeks to people who failed to clean up after their dog across the county.

Two were caught red-handed in the park despite bins being provided.

This week, discarded dog faeces was spotted on the ground, near a bin, in the park leaving staff to dispose of it.

The council’s executive board member for public protection, Cllr Philip Hughes, said: “Not only is there a potential health risk with dog faeces, allowing your dog to foul and expecting other people to clean it up is totally unacceptable. This latest incident was a blatant act of disregard when there was a bin just 4 meters away – there is no excuse, if you haven’t got a bag then borrow one from another walker, there are plenty about! The park is a beautiful place where people come to enjoy and don not expect to be faced with the unsightly mess of dog faeces.”

Enforcement officers are now stepping up their patrols and anyone who is caught not picking up after their dog will be fined.

Failure to pay could result in prosecution in the magistrates court and a fine of up to £1,000

Cllr Hughes added: “Dog mess is one of the most common complaints to the council. Whilst the majority of dog owners visiting the park are responsible and clean up after their pet, there is a minority who do not. We are appealing to those dog owners to behave responsibly and clean up after their pets, if they don’t and are caught then we will not hesitate to fine them. We would also urge the public to keep their eyes open for anyone they see allowing their dog to mess without cleaning up and to contact us as soon as possible with any information or filming footage they have.”