Have a say in Scrutiny Committee’s work programme

259 days ago

Carmarthenshire County Council’s Scrutiny Committees want people to have a say into what areas of the authority’s services they should look in to next.

Scrutiny Committees play in an important role in the democratic process.

The majority of council decisions are made by the Executive Board of 10 county councillors - Scrutiny offers the other 64 councillors an opportunity to influence those decisions and act as a 'critical friend'.

Scrutiny Committees also have an important role to play in ensuring the council’s policies reflect current priorities, and in promoting efficiencies and partnership working with external bodies.

They can look in depth at certain issues, and can set up Task and Finish sub-groups to investigate topics in greater detail.

Members of the public can attend and listen to debates at any one of the council’s five Scrutiny Committees - Policy and Resources, Communities, Education and Children, Environmental and Public Protection, and Social Care and Health.

People can request for certain items to be placed on the agenda, and can ask questions at meetings.

Soon, each Scrutiny Committee will develop a forward work programme for the coming year, and are welcoming any suggestions for topics.

Suggestions should be sent to Scrutiny@carmarthenshire.gov.uk or Scrutiny Support, Democratic Services Unit, County Hall, Carmarthen, SA31 1JP.

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