Flood damage – support for residents

74 days ago

If your home has had internal damage following the recent floods or you’ve been evacuated by the Council or other emergency services for more than 24 hours you could be eligible to receive a £500 payment to help you return to your home as soon as possible. If your home is uninsured you will receive a further £500.

Financial support is only available for your main home, you cannot apply for a second home, empty property that you own or Air BnB.

You may be eligible for additional support through the Welsh Government Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF), a small grant to cover essential costs such as food, essential clothing and fuel costs. It is designed to provide a few days immediate assistance for essential costs. You can apply for this on the Welsh Government website.

We can also assist with removing damaged furniture and goods. You will need to have approval from your home insurance before we can do this.

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