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Our press office issues around 1,500 press releases annually. We also deal with on average 4,000 enquiries and take over 10,000 phone calls every year.

To make getting in touch with us easier, we upload information that we are frequently asked for here, including statements, filming and interview requests, and facts and figures on a topic currently active in the news.

When we respond to press enquiries, or issue press releases and statements, we follow a Press and Media Protocol which was agreed by Full Council in 2015.

Download Carmarthenshire County Council's Press and Media Protocol (.pdf)

+Contacting Us

The press office is staffed during normal office hours Monday-Friday. An emergency contact number can be made available to accredited journalists on request.

We handle all press enquiries on behalf of Carmarthenshire County Council, and we respectfully ask that you do not contact officers directly.

If you have a press enquiry, call us on 01267 224900, or email us at pressoffice@carmarthenshire.gov.uk. We acknowledge all press enquiries made by email. If you do not hear from a member of our team, please call us to check that it’s been received.

Please note, the press team does not handle queries from members of the public. If you are not a journalist, and have a general enquiry, please contact Carmarthenshire Direct on 01267 234567 or email direct@carmarthenshire.gov.uk


When we have several requests for statements on a specific issue, they are posted here. Members of the media are free to use these statements, so long as they are correctly attributed and used in an appropriate manner.

Latest statements: 

[no statements]


+Setting it Straight

Occasionally we may have to correct or clarify an article that has been published which contains inaccuracies, or does not reflect the facts. We work closely with media to resolve any issues, and most of the time corrections or clarifications are made quickly. However in rare circumstances we use this page to set the record straight and provide you with the correct information.

Latest clarifications: 

There are no current clarifications

+Facts and Figures

Sometimes we receive several requests for information on a particular topic, for example during extreme weather conditions. To make it easier for you to access facts and figures, we occasionally post factsheets here.

Members of the media are free to use this information, provided the facts and figures are represented as provided, and in an appropriate manner.

Latest factsheets: 

There are no current factsheets

+Interview requests

We are more than happy to help the media arrange interviews with our Executive Board Members and/or senior officers. Please contact us during office hours on 01267 224037 or email pressoffice@carmarthenshire.gov.uk, giving us as much notice as possible.

We will try our best to make someone available who can speak in the language you request, however please understand that this may not always be possible.

+Filming in Carmarthenshire

We are very happy to help you with your filming requirements. Please get in touch with us as far in advance as possible using our online form, and let us know who you are, when you would like to film, for what purpose, and whether you have any specific requirements, i.e., parking spaces.

You need permission to film on any council property, including beaches, parks and buildings.

Before we grant permission, we will need to be satisfied that you have public liability insurance and that you have undertaken any relevant risk assessments.