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Striding towards affordable homes commitment

Carmarthenshire County Council is already making good on its promises to deliver 1,000 more affordable homes by 2021.

Executive Board Members met with local councillors on three sites earmarked for a range of new-build council homes this week, and called in to see the progress being made at a series of town centre apartments.

Plans are in the pipeline to build over 60 new two and four bedroom family homes across the county in areas identified as in highest demand, based on evidence from the housing register.

Subject to planning permission, phase one will see new homes built at Maespiode in Ammanford, Garreglwyd in Pembrey, and Dylan in Bryn, Llanelli.

Four new two-bedroom apartments are being created above retail units in Llanelli Town Centre, with urban living forming part of the council’s plans to regenerate the town, support business and increase footfall.

The apartments will be let to couples or individuals who meet the criteria set out in a new local lettings policy for the town centre, which gives priority to people who work within the town centre, or who are setting up a business there, and who have sufficient income to afford rent without the need to claim housing benefit.

Regenerating empty homes and unused space plays a key part in the delivery of new affordable homes.

Since April 2016, the council has helped bring nearly 30 empty homes back into use, working closely with owners to secure investment, and has also taken over the management of 30 new tenancies in the private rented sector through its in-house lettings agency.

The council has also committed to increasing its housing stock by purchasing homes on the open market.

Already, £3.9million has been spent buying nearly 40 homes with the needs of specific families in mind.

Cllr Linda Evans, Executive Board Member for Housing, said: “We have not wasted any time in fulfilling our commitment to delivering 1,000 more affordable homes in Carmarthenshire.

“We have worked closely with colleagues in our property design and planning teams to draw up exciting plans for new homes in areas of highest need, and have been innovative in our approach by working with colleagues in economic development to ensure good quality accommodation options form part of the overall regeneration of Llanelli town centre.

“It has been a privilege to speak to new tenants who have already moved in to homes we have purchased for them in our efforts to increase our stock in line with growing demand.

“Whilst providing homes for people in need, our investment is also helping to create hundreds of jobs and training opportunities in the construction industry.

“This has always been an ambitious programme, but people can see how serious we are about making this commitment judging on the great progress we’ve already made.”

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